Turkey is a shopping heaven, if you stick to things produced here. Imported goods costs roughly the same as it does back home. Pirate copies abound and you can usually haggle down the price, unless there is a price tag somewhere, in which case haggling is a no go.

Sometimes you will be offered a better price if you pay in any of the well-known European currencies, the reason being the inflation in Turkey.

Some brands, like Levi´s, Benetton and Quicksilver, are produced on licence in Turkey, which means prices that are a little lower than those in Sweden. There is a great variety of gold and silver jewellery, with some shops designing their own. Leather comes in many colours and qualities, and many shops have a resident tailor. It takes at the most two days to have a jacket or a pair of trousers made.

In the bazaars, the custom of haggling is alive and well, to the point of being considered a necessity. You will often find yourself invited to a cup of tea whilst doing business. You are not, however, obliged to buy anything. This is just a part of the customary Turkish hospitality. 

Shopping in Alanya

Even if things have improved in recent years, there is still a considerable number of barkers trying to lure people into the shops. Their wages are often based on what the customer leaves behind in the shop. Ignore them, if you are not interested in shopping at the place they promote.

Most shops in the bazaar will stay open from 0900 am to 11 pm, or as long as there are customers in the shop. Other shops, such as Benetton, Levi´s, Quicksilver, Sisley will only be found along the main street; Atatürk Boulevard, not in the bazaars.


There are many markets in Alanya. One of the largest is right by the dolmus station, and is open on Fridays. On sale is mostly vegetables and fruit. On Tuesdays, there is a market near Can Hospital, where everything is on offer, for instance clothes and shoes. On Mondays, there is a market in Oba.


The price of a carpet varies greatly, depending on quality, material, age and size. But most important is the number of knots per square centimetre. A large carpet may cost less than a small one, depending on the amount of work that has gone into it.

The bazaars

In the bazaars, the vendors calculate with bargaining margin – this is simply how things are done. About half the original price is not an unusual final price.

Tuna Jewellery

Has a large assortment of gold jewellery and brand watches in different price segments. Small earrings in 14 k gold start at 70 lira. Seiko watches at 180 lira. They have their own work shop for special orders. Jewellery cleaning free of charge (they often lose their sheen due to the sun lotion). You will find the shop at Damlatas.

Brand clothes

In Alanya, there are numerous shops with much to offer at low prices, and it is not unusual to buy more than planned. You should know that most of the goods on sale is copied. If you want to make sure you buy the real stuff, go to authorized dealers, such as the Quiksilver eller Levi´s shops.


Glasses are cheap in Turkey, and there are many to choose from. Tuana Optik is one of the best opticians in Alanya, which also offers cheap eye tests.